NO weddinG. NO planners.
cOmprehEnsivE creAtors.

You are not looking for a party, what you want is a party, your party!!! A festival, a wild party, a hullabaloo[…]

Coming from the fifth sphere of March, we've landed to give purpose to your paranoia! We integrally organize your fuss, in unique locations and your own way to turn the typical wedding concept upside down.

We are Alba and Jordi, professionals of the creative and madness sector, with ample experience in the event organization sector. We have disdain for conventionalisms and we really dig the PITOTES!

PITOTE: Situation where there's a lot of noise and complete disorder, normally generated by a large group of people talking and moving at the same time.

Organising your wedding involves defining yourselves. We want to now who you are and what is it you want, with the sole purpose of making any idea become true. So, we are suggesting to assemble the best creative team so you can live firsthand how to build up a tailor-made event. That team is you two, Alba and Jordi. That's how we are going to make your wedding a truly memorable and unique adventure.

We are alchemists of your more intimate dreams. We are Sherpas of the most bizarre surprises to discover the "Nòmades World" of your one-of-a-kind, creative and different party.