streET FoOd

Just eat

Lucky you! You overcame summer and its festivals without being run over by a foodtruck. We Nòmades continue to be daring, to bring the best gastronomical catalogue to your party. Kitchens on wheels that have become the standard of sheer modernity. We smoke conventionalisms and we let you call the shots, for no one else knows what you like more than you do. Shall we?

Market life

We are Nòmades and this is our reason to exist, singular approaches, creative and trendsetters all along the party. We even destroy the myths surrounding street food culture being basic or shabby.

An innovative idea that grants you the possibility of living your wedding as a true party, eating and drinking non-stop.

The best taste

Diving into the world of parties, we Nòmades will reveal that street food is truly the origin of the celebration gastonomy, where we can savour the best samples of specialised worldwide cuisine, in all its shapes and forms - from the most primal flavours to the most decorated and innovative proposals. Our gastonomical ideas in the Nòmades markets will leave you speechless!

Make your own menu out of your celebration, selecting the best cuisine and the best chefs. An experience to remember.

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