Getting married at home is a luxury forever to be remembered. On this occasion, the Nòmades market landed in La Garrotxa, and the Foodtrucks, logistics and the various decorative elements where set on a field, amidst straw bales. The high temperatures of August would not deter us, and to make sure we had some shade, we set up two giant Bedouin tents, which enhances the aesthetics of our outdoor weddings.

Creativity is as subjective as singular ideas are inspiring. With Jofre and Marta, our inspiration came from the popular series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel in Spanish).
A script that not only excited them, but also was developed so that their wedding could have a driving force that was aesthetic and conceptual.

None of the attendees knew where the long anticipated wedding would take place - they just knew that, at the appointed hour of the appointed day, they had to get to some GPS coordinates. Right there, a creative plot would begin, which blew the mind of more than one guest. No one would have ever imagined that going to a wedding meant living a 360º experience. […]