SuitablE for
NON ConveNtionAL COuples

What the fuck!?

We find your spot to organise a party like no one has ever seen. Blessed madness.

We are rebellious, just like you are. People of the world, folk of the open air, of the forests, of places lost in time, of wilderness, of charming places and, above all else, of amazing and surpising locations - the jaw-dropping ones where nobody else will ever get to.

Up to you!

Nòmades feeling inside our Markets with Foodtrucks / Street Food.

Trend virtuosos, we advocate the 'yes, because I love it, not because you say so'.
We want weddings to be a tailored party, a little masterpiece of good taste. Exclusive ideas, sculpted and decorated with dedication and commitment to make that day one of the most surpising days of your lives - to you and your people.

Get gobsmacked!

We flip the script in creative ways. We devise a movie script of your own love story.

We speak Chinese in Russia, and everyone understands us. We want to make a party out of your wedding, a f**king colourful madness, your own amusement park with laughs, hugs and a 'I don't want this to ever stop'.
You wish for a special and different party, and you shall have it. You want a creative celebration and we shall envison it. You want a singular event and you know it has to be Nòmades - stress-free, easy and having the time of your lives.

Alba, with training an affinity for numbers, is a trend-seeker nowadays. She detects good taste and style, and relishes the countless details that make a dream life. From Australia to the Philippines, going through Brasil to finally get to every corner in London. She has a passion for travelling. She absorbs any surprising input to be able to translate your likings into something that you can feel your own. She designs and plans.

Jordi is a publicist. Capable of gushing out crazy stuff to make an exciting speech. Born with a positivity attitude and entrepreneur at heart. He sees things where they aren't and, surprisingly, he makes you see them too. Communicative and a passionate of tireless work, of a job well done.