We believe that organizing events means connecting and executing ideas with a specific purpose. Creativity, singularity and added value are linked concepts that grant identity to any act, be it corporate or personal events. Keep Calm & Nòmades Power. […]

Loyal to our style, we propose to add some creativity to any suit-and-tie event. Experience is our forte - timings, logistic sincronisation and the know-how of our trade are trademarks of professionalism.
With over 10 years of experience organising events, we at Nòmades have offered our services to dozens of organizations, associations and companies showing our own style and a total dedication, with the sole purpose of guaranteeing the satisfaction of those who placed their trust in us.
Nòmades conducts the development and execution of our projects in a comprehensive way. We adapt to any petitions, from the beginning of an event until the very end of it.

Creative, evolutionary and executive direction of any event, requires ample knowledge of all the services inherent to said event. Knowing this, we Nòmades offer any kind of services that may be associated to it.

Socially commited. We consolidated the relationship between Nòmades and the Asociación Albert Sidrach when we organised their first philanthropic act at the Castell de Peralada.
The link to their webpage will hopefully show the potential of said organisation which, alongside Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona, fight against Ewing Sarcoma. Join a good cause!

Singular destinations with high organisational interest. We specialise in organising events in singular places, specially events and weddings in Ibiza, Formentera and any natural space that requires first-hand technical and specific knowledge of the area for a staggering performance.